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Ann Johnson Trail Race
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About the race

17th August 2014

The date for the 28th Ray Harrison Memorial 10k Road Race has been set for August 17th 2014 @ 11:00 please not the time change from 2013


Race Route

Starting just 200m from the stadium on central avenue, the start line will be clearly marked.

  • Turn left onto Belasis avenue, heading over the railway bridge
  • Turn left onto Greenwood road
  • Turn left onto Cowpen Lane
  • Turn left onto Central Avenue, passing in front of the stadium
  • Turn left onto Belasis Avenue again, heading over the bridge
  • At the roundabout head straight on onto Belasis Avenue
  • At the T-Junction, turn left onto Cowpen Bewley Road
  • Follow the road into Cowpen Bewley village
  • Turn left, onto Cowpen Lane, passing in front of the Three Horse Shoes public house
  • Follow Cowpen Lane, turning left again onto Central Avenue as you come off the bridge make sure you are on the road to avoid the pedestrain barriers on the corner of central Avenue.
  • Turn left into the football stadium taking care and following the coned route to avoid the kerb as you enter the stadium approach.

Once you have crossed the finish line, please keep your place in the finishing funnel to allow the race marshals to accurately record your race position and time. Follow through the race funnel to collect your t-shirt. Please respect runners still on the course, and do not go back over the finish line. Can we also ask everyone to keep off the football pitch.

There will be a water station at approximately 6km on Cowpen Bewley Road, and at the race finish. We are keeping a close eye on the weather situation and should it remain as hot as it has been further water will be deployed with the course marshal team. The current forcast is 16c and dry, the detailed forcast is available from Metcheck.

If for any reason you need to retire from the race please please let someone know. 

Please remember that the roads are open we will be operating a rolling junction closure, assisted by the local authority traffic management team but there will be traffic on the course.

There is no parking within the stadium, or the grass directly outside on the day of the race, for safety reasons as the course runs through the car park to the finish. Parking on central avenue on the same side as the stadium will be restricted, and please respect the car park of Billingham Press. Parking will be available on the opposite side of Central Avenue, and as directed by the race team.

Changing rooms and showers are available pre and post race. Please do not leave any valuables within the changing rooms as they will not be secured during the race, and please do not use the club bar for changing.

Race numbers will be provided, and the competitor details form on the rear of the number must be completed prior to the race start. Numbers must be worn on the competitors front, and must not be folded, or modified in any way.

Music/MP3 Players - Please note that portable musics devices, or any form of MP3 player will not be permitted during the race, on safety grounds. Anyone using such a device during the course of the race will be asked to remove it, and may face disqualification. Again, this is for safety reasons.

The interactive map can be found on The Good Run Guide

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